I hate scripted scenes, but when one of the guys has a fantasy I like to play it out. Jonathan Lowe used to tend bar, and told he that he always fantasized about fucking one of the hotties when the bar was closing. So I tapped my boy Corey and we played it out. This one starts with Corey sucking Jonathan’s cock. Before you know it the boys are 69ing each other. Then Jonathan starts rimming Corey while Corey sucks his cock. Jonathan gets Corey’s hole wet and ready for cock, then pushes his cock into Corey’s hole. Throughout the rest of the scene you can hear Corey practically screaming as Jonathan pounds his ass. The scene ends with Corey shooting a major load all over Jonathan’s chest while he’s riding Jonathan’s cock. Of course Jonathan still has to come so he makes Corey suck his balls until he shoots. It’s definitely hot. Imagine doing that to some boy in a bar this weekend. Check it.

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